The project addresses a need of better social adaptation of migrant youth that can be made by the strong network of youth organizations using new methodology of mixing non-formal and formal education tools for involvement across Europe. Current tools for migrant youth involvement are not underpinned by principles of networking and cooperation among youth organizations of various profiles.

Local youth communities are not guided on how to put mutual efforts into adaptation of young migrants from a perspective of their social communication and career pathways. Project cross-sector network will disseminate best practices among various actors, expanding their understanding of diverse future and creating common vision of values of inclusiveness in education and society.

Project teams from Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania require experience of adapting migrant youth had by partners from Georgia and Italy. All partners will benefit from shared EU values and expanded network with common EU vision. The methodological pillar of the project is a combination of expertise of various social actors from NGOs and university – young activists, teachers, students, sociologists, psychologists, managers and governors.

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  • Sem Smith
    May 3

    It is important to open up the horizon and look to other countries and at the world, and keep in mind that you are not alone. The way you live and the culture you come from may not be better compared to the others.

  • Anna Balashova
    September 9

    The best experience for me was probably the thing that I realized at the end of my Erasmus period that I really was able to improve my English language and to understand English culture: the way people live, think, and communicate there. I think it had a great influence on the way I see the world in general.

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